What you'll learn

On the successful completion of this programme, you will:

  • Become a qualified PRISM practitioner, allowing you to access the full range of reports, interpret the results and conduct feedback sessions.

  • Be able to use all PRISM materials in a participative and compelling style, using PRISM to enhance your brand and meet your business challenges.

  • Be able to access our online practitioner portal and our dedicated support team to help you get the most from every PRISM intervention.

Why Online Accreditation?

Our exclusive online accreditation platform delivers the same content as our face-to-face and VILT training but allows you to work at your own pace in your own environment. It’s been specifically designed to maximise engagement and learning by following tried and tested online delivery methods. Participants receive the full benefit of virtual technology, interactive exercises and diverse content to give them complete confidence to use the full range of PRISM tools and applications.

What do I need to know?

On completion of the online accreditation course and assessment you can begin working immediately with the full range of PRISM tools and applications. To support the training, you’ll have access to a dedicated support team and an extensive resource library of video tutorials, templates and materials. Online accreditation includes:

  • Twelve Chapters of self-paced learning activity

  • Continual knowledge checks to monitor learning and retention

  • Modular accreditation assessment

  • Practical one to one virtual feedback session and Q&A’s

  • Unlimited access to help and support throughout the course

PRISM Accreditation Online course

Course Bonuses

Along with our accreditation course, enjoy full access to:

  • Practitioner Handbook

    Official PRISM Practitioner Handbook.

  • Lifetime Access

    Lifetime access to the PRISM Practitioner portal.

  • Support

    Free access to technical support

Meet Your Facilitators

Certified PRISM Practitioner Trainer

Ian Davies

Ian has over 20 years experience providing coaching, leadership, team building, effective communication and presentation skills training. Ian is now based in South East Asia, with a particular focus on Myanmar where he is supporting the learning and development of Myanmar civil society and private sector organisations. Ian is a Certified PRISM Practitioner trainer and has extensive experience using PRISM for coaching and in the design and development of training programmes for multiple stakeholders.

Business Development Director - PRISM

Alex Ede

Alex is the Business Development Director of PRISM Brain Mapping UK LLP and has over 20 years experience in coaching, change management, leadership and team development. He holds British Psychological Society level A & B status and is qualified in a variety of psychometrics and is PRISM's most experienced Practitioner. For PRISM Practitioners, Alex will be one of your main points of contact for your support needs once you have qualified in conjunction with Charles, Lisa and Andy from the PRISM Support Team. For Practitioners based outside of the UK, you will be supported by either by our UK Head Office or our International Distribution network.

What people are saying about this course

Logical Journey

by David M (UK)

A well-structured accreditation programme capable of being completed in very manageable bite-size chunks. You are led on a logical journey with regular checks on your progress.

Online Course Was Great!

Tammy W - (UK)

The online course was great - pretty intensive (in a good way) and there were assessments as you worked through to help consolidate the learning. Nicely paced and set out. Overall thought it was a great course, felt interactive even though I was working at my own pace (with the assessments and 1:1 session in the middle). Looking forward to putting the learning into practice.

Really Interesting & Fun

Marta C (Poland)

I found the PRISM online training very useful, well-organized and also interesting. One may think that it may be boring (as the "brain knowledge" is not easy to digest), but actually it was really interesting and fun. What I like the most is many different activities : mini-tests, summaries, additional questions, and so on. I think it is very convenient to complete this course, in case you are for example a busy consultant or business trainer. Well done!

Very Clear, Nice Easy Chunks of Learning

Hazel M - (Malta)

Very clear, nice easy chunks of learning. Great in terms of delivery, style, pace of of speech.    Great videos and nice I could go at my own pace and stop and start when I wanted to, especially if I hadn’t understood something previously.